YouTuber, engineer, and woodworker Matthias Wandel sets out to drill 45-degree holes at the end of some wood. But it's a tricky task. 

"I had an idea for a project where I want to use this square drill to drill some 45° holes in the end of some wood, but for that, I needed to build a jig to hold the stock."

The square drill used in the video is also something created by Wandel.

Wandel has built a screw advance box joint jig, a homemade power feeder using a roller skate wheel, created a unique machine that sets up dominoes in uniform rows, engineered contraptions to dampen the vibration on his table saw, and designed a remote control dust control switch. He also created a curtain rod that goes around corners, as well as a slinky escalator out of wood. Check them out here.


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