Oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump

Dekker Vacuum says the VmaxPlus represents a new generation of oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system technology. The 10-hp pump features superior sustained hold-down force, increased deep vacuum level (max. vacuum level 29”HgV), 155 ACFM nominal capacity, reaching 145 CFM at the "sweet spot" of 24”Hg,  and reduced noise levels and downtime, the company says. The VMXP0160MA1-60 model for woodworking and CNC routing offers an inlet filter and vacuum relief valve as standard to protect the pump from ambient contaminants and to extend the life of the system.

About Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies manufactures, packages and distributes industrial vacuum pumps and systems for a wide-array of industries including Power Generation, Chemical Processing, Plastic Manufacturing, Food Processing, Woodworking and more. The Dekker name has been recognized as an innovator in oil sealed liquid ring technology as far back as the 1970’s. Dekker Vacuum Technologies, established in 1998, has continued to build on that reputation to cover all aspects of vacuum and compressor applications. The company’s wide range of pumps and systems (available in a variety of materials) are manufactured in their own facility in the U.S., so clients always have fast access to the technology they need. Vacuum applications range from 5 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 39,000 CFM (down to 25 Torr), and compression applications from 250 CFM to 5,000 CFM (up to 80 psi).

Dekker Vacuum has been providing expertise regarding vacuum pump and system selection, site engineering, installation, start-up, inspection and life-cycle maintenance and custom solutions for their customers. The Experts in Vacuum Solutions carry a comprehensive inventory and take pride in offering same-day shipping of most standard parts and products. Dekker’s mastery in the vacuum field has produced some of the most durable, reliable pumps in the world.



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